Best School for Your Kid

School is the first learning institution for every person. It is the only place where for the first time a person receives serious and planned education. A child is definitely educated at home, but the kind of education that school provides is inevitably superior. At school, every aspect of a child’s development is kept in mind, and worked upon accordingly. School not only gives a child bookish knowledge but also social, moral and cultural growth. This is why the role of school is extremely significant for every person. As a person grows, he learns more and more, and finally, reaches the age of learning and growth where he has to leave school. After getting out from school, the majority of people miss it. Why so? There are many social, psychological and moral reasons for it.

  • Homework
  • Teachers- The first role models and inspiration
  • Punishments and Rewards
  • Fun
  • Carefree
  • Less social pressure
  • Long Vacations

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  1. Found the Principal full of New ideas for children’ s education and future. Seems he has the inspiration of bringing a quality change in Education at the elementary level. He seems to be inspired by the educational philosophy of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. May the school grow according to its Ideal!

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